Directorate of Industrial Collaboration issues requirements of chemical and associated materials imports


The Directorate of Industrial Collaboration has released an announcement concerning the requirements to import chemicals and associated materials.
According to the Prevention from Danger of Chemical and Associated Materials Law, the Union Government has formed a unit that will formulate a policy to reduce the danger of chemical and associated materials. And it will also be engaged in manufacturing, utilizing, storing, distribution, transportation and import. They will also prescribe the types of chemicals and associated materials and the volumes of chemicals which will be prohibited from export.
When a company seeks permission to import chemicals and associated materials, they will have to submit an application bearing the letterhead of the company to the  Directorate of Industrial Collaboration , attaching a copy of the National Registration Card (NRC) of their managing director or a member of the Board of Directors.
To import and export the chemicals and associated materials, the companies have to apply as prescribed rules. They will present the trading contract copy, a pro forma Invoice and Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the chemical and associated materials. They will also provide the letter mentioning how and where
they will use these materials.

Source:The Global News Light of Myanmar

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