မြန်မာဥပဒေသတင်းအချက်အလက်စနစ် (Myanmar Law Information System-MLIS)

The Myanmar Law Information System is a website providing service of the Myanmar law information

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Directory

The TVET Directory will be the web-based and hence all interested users can have access to information readily available in the TVET website. Moreover, the TVET Directory will be a kind of living document since it can be updated and added up with more information by the training institutions if there are new training programs. More relevantly, the primary beneficiaries, who are the school drop-outs, youth, and vulnerable, can have easier access to necessary information from web-based TVET directory, prior to selecting occupation fields. By engaging the working forces in different occupational fields in Myanmar and other ASEAN countries, youth can increase their income and employment opportunities and so can the country’s GDP and economy in future.

Myanmar Statistical Information Service

The MMSIS is an online 'one-stop shop' of statistical data services that enables users to easily download information in Excel format, both in Myanmar and in English. This feature makes it convenient and simple for data users to obtain their required statistical information needs.


Aid Transparency Portal


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Open information about international assistance to Myanmar