One-stop service provided for licensing of Kalay industrially produced jeeps

   One-stop service is provided for those seeking licensing of jeeps produced in the Kalay industrial zone starting from 27 November, according to the Kalay Industrial Zone supervisory committee.
  Kalay’s industrially produced cars — MMST-001, CDS-KL 01, MSJ, ASJ-KL and MMLT-KL — are granted licenses through the one-stop service. A fleet of 74 cars is produced from the Kalay industrial zone, including 32 MMST-001 cars, 20 CDS-KL-01 cars and 22 other models, it is learnt.
    Jeeps produced in Kalay are necessary for local socio-cultural development. The government provides the onestop service for issuing of licence.
Ministry of Industry will also provide what is needed. The Minister for Industry will also come to give guidance on technical development, said U Tin Soe, the chairman of Kalay Industrial Zone Supervisory Committee.
    Jeeps produced in Kalay are in demand to reach hardto- access areas in Naga, Chin State.
   Those seeking a license pointed out that there is no difficulty in procuring one. However, the cars that require changing of body parts have to be repaired to be in accordance with the prescribed criteria on locally produced cars, said a licence seeker.
    The tax rate levied on MMSJ and MSJ-1,2.3 cars in this fiscal year is Ks1.2million, whereas ASJ and CDS model cars are taxed at a rate of Ks1 million.
Source: Myitmakha News Agency: The Global New Light of Myanmar