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  • No.1 Textile Mill (Shwedaung)
  • No.3 Textile Factory (Sagaing)
  • No.4 Textile Factory ( Pwintphyu)
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Duties and Functions

                    1.         To produce medicines for public health.

                    2.         To develop the production technology in field of Pharmaceuticals and

                                Foodstuff in Myanmar.  

                    3.         To promote the private manufacturing sector for Pharmaceuticals and Foodstuff.


           Head Office of Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise has been organized with 8 departments. They are as follow ;

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Posted: 27 January, 2015

No.2  Heavy Industrial Enterprise No.2 HIE is responsible for producing of household electrical and electric goods, Machine Tools with the CNC control such as Lathe Machine. Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and Drilling Machine etc., PVC Wire, Power Cable, Lead Acid battery, Transformers, Turbines and Generators, Low Power LED, High Power LED, Solar, Maintenance Free Battery, different kinds of Tyres for transportation  vehicles,  Ordinary  Portland Cement, Refractory Brick, Ceramic Wares, High Tension Ceramic Insulator and Float Glass.

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Posted: 27 January, 2015

Brief Background and History

      On 25th January, 2011 Myanmar Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries and Myanmar Agricultural and Manufacture Industries were reorganized as No.1 General Heavy Industries Enterprise. On 4th April,2012 the name was changed to No.1 Heavy Industries Enterprise and was newly reorganized with  seven Heavy Industries on 1st April , 2014.
      And No.1 Heavy Industrial Enterprise was again reorganized with nine Heavy Industries on 1st April, 2015. Then on 31st March 2016, No(11) Heavy Industry (Yangon), No(12) Heavy Industry (Htonebo),  No(13) Heavy Industry (Magway), Truck Manufacturing Project (Yangon) and Truck Axle Manufacturing Project (Myingyan) were handed over to Ministry of Defence.
Current Organization
     The current strength of organization is ( 268 ) officers and ( 3,276 ) non-officers, totally ( 3,544 ). Now, No. 1 HIE was composed four factories and two Steel Mills as follow :

(a) No(14) Heavy Industry (Thagaya)
(b) No(15) Heavy Industry (Thagaya)
(c) No(16) Heavy Industry (Sinde)
(d) No(17) Heavy Industry (Malun)
(e) No.1 Steel Mill Industry (Myingyan)
(f) No.2 Steel Mill Industry (Pang Pet)

Remark:    Two numbers of Steel Mill Industry are implementing Projects.

    No.1 Heavy Industrial Enterprise produces various kinds of multipurpose and heavy diesel engines (6V 128 ZC, 8V 128 ZC, 12V 128 ZC, 16V 170 ZC Diesel Engine), Construction Machinery (Bulldozer, Excavator, Vibratory Soil Compactor, Road Roller and Forklift), Agricultural Equipment & Machinery (Tractor, Power Tiller, Pumping Set and many kinds of Harrows) and  Steel Products (Billet and Slabs).


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Posted: 26 January, 2015

Brief Description
   The Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection (DISI) is one of the directorates under the Ministry of Industry.  We are providing services for small and medium enterprises to get technological markets and financial supports, registration for private industrial enterprises in accordance with existing laws, safety inspection to boiler and electrical usage at workplace and inspection at industrial workplaces not to harm our green environment.

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Directorate of Industry coordinates the activities of the enterprises under the Ministry in accordance with the directions and guidelines of the Ministry. It also negotiates with foreign and local organizations for new projects, acts as representative of Ministry in the activities related to ASEAN and International Organizations. Besides, it undertakes the drafting and compilation of projects, policy and plans, financial and budget requirements, legal and personnel matters and other affairs concerning the enterprises.

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Posted: 24 January, 2015

With the aim to strengthen the organizations and effective managements on Ministry of Industry No. (1) and Ministry of Industry No. (2), Ministry of Industry was newly reorganized with the combination of those Ministries since 2nd December 2011.

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