Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection

Brief Description

  • Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection is one of  under Ministry of Industry and it  has been implementing the activities such as providing the finance and technology access , registration , supervision and inspection for private industries in line with the existing law in order to operate safely  using Boiler and electrical devices without demaging the environment.
  • This department was  reorganized  as  the name of Directorate of Industrial Supervison and Inspection on the 23rd March 1999
  • To enhance SMEs‘s competitiveness and upgrade capacity building in order to assist the socio-economic growth of the country, Central Department of SME Development was established  on the 4th April, 2012.
  • On the 4th April,2012,Central Department of SMEs Development was reorganized with cooperating Driectorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection as the Department of SMEs Development.


Responsibilities of Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspecction are-

  1. In Line with the Private Industrial Law, enhanceing the industries by supervising,providing their requirements to develop.
  2. In line with Boiler Law, boilers from State owned enterprises , cooperatives and private sectors are registered and inspected.
  3. In Line with electrical law, activities relating with  electrical producing, distributings, transmitting  and using from State Owned Enterprises, cooperatives and private sectors are inspected in order to use safely.
  4. Providing technology, financing, assisting to integrate the international supply chain, supporting the knowledge, promoting human resources for SMEs cooperating with local and international including ASEAN SME Working Group for SMEs’competitiveness.


    With the head office at Naypyitaw, it has fifteen State/ Regional office officially known as State/ Regional/ Naypyitaw Union Territory offices (officially known as State Divisional Industrial Supervision and Inspection Directorate ) in all the State/ Regional capitals. 

State/Regional/ Union Territory /District Offices



State /Region/ Union/
Territory Office 

District Office
1 Kachin State  Myitkyina     Myitkyina, Bhamo
2 Kayah State Loikaw Loikaw
3 Kayin State Hpa-an  Hpa-an,Myawaddy
4 Chin State Hakha Hakha
5 Sagaing Region Monywa Shwebo,Monywa,Kalay
6 Tanintharyi Region Myeik  Dawei,Myeik
7 Bago Region Bago  Bago,Taungoo,Pyay
8 Magway Region Magway  Magway,Pakokku,Thayet
9 Mandalay Region Mandalay  Mandalay,Myingyan, Meikhtila ,Yamethin
10 Mon State Mawlamyine Mawlamyine
11 Rakhine State Sittwe Sittwe, Kyaukpyu, Thandwe
12 Yangon Region Yangon Eastern District, Western District, Southern District, Northern District
13 Shan State Taunggyi Taunggyi, Loilen, Lashio, Kyaingtong
14 Ayeyarwady Region Pathein Pathein, Hinthada, Phyapon 
15 Naypyitaw Naypyitaw Ottara, Dakkina      

State/Regional/ Union Territory /District Offices Map

    The Director General is the head of the organization, holding all the responsibilities and assisted by the three Deputy Director General. The Board of Directors executes the policies laid down by the Ministry.     
    In order to carry out functions, the following   departments are formed at the head office, headed by a respective Director:
(1)    Industrial Development Department ;
(2)    Industrial Supervision Department ; 
(3)    Industrial Inspection Department;
(4)    Boiler Inspection Department; 
(5)    Electrical Inspection Department;
(6)    SMEs Policy and International Affair  Department ;
(7)    SMEs Technology and Market Promotion Department ;
(8)    SMEs  Investment and Cooperation  Department ;
(9)    Administrative Department;
(10)  Finance Department;

Private Industrial Enterprise Law

    Private Industrial Enterprise Law was promulgated in 26th November 1990. An industrial enterprise, using any type of power which is three horse - power and above and /or manpower of ten wage - earning workers and above is required to register under this law. Private industrial enterprise means individual or partnership or company conducting any private industrial enterprises excluding joint ventures with the government. 
    A person desirous of conducting any private industrial enterprises shall apply for registration in accordance with the private industrial enterprise law to the respective State/Regional/ Naypyitaw Union Territory offices in the prescribed manner.
     The tenure of registration is one year.    If the entrepreneur applies for the extension of the tenure of registration within 60 days after the expiry of tenure, in addition to the renewal fee, the late fee as prescribed shall also be paid. If the entrepreneur applies for the extension of the tenure of registration within 60 days, the registration of the enterprises is cancelled. 

The Boiler Law

    The Boiler Law was enacted  in 14th July, 2015 (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 39/2015) to replace the Boiler Law1984. The objectives of the Law are to prevent explosion accidents and damages of boiler and loss of life property, and to use boilers up to the end of the expiry of life and to use the boilers to its full capacity and efficiency. Over 2,300 boilers are now in use in various industries in Myanmar. Inspection and certification of boilers made in accordance with the Boiler Law on yearly basis. 
    The main functions of Boiler Inspection Department are inspection for unregistered boilers to be registered, annual inspection for renewal of certificate for the use of boiler, subsequent inspection for boilers after being repaired and inspection for boiler accidents, deterioration, emergency cases and supervision and inspection at all stages of construction.
    The capability of technical supports of Boiler Inspection Department are to select the capacity and type of boiler depending on the process of works, to select the new boiler imported from foreign countries in accordance with the international boiler standards, to select and supervise the specifications of boiler auxiliary and spare parts to be imported from foreign countries, to repair a boiler deteriorated in service in accordance with the standards and designs, to select the characteristics of feed water and boiler water depending on the boiler types and location.
    Boiler Inspection Department conducts boiler operator training course and advanced course to prevent accidents explosion, damages of boilers and lost of life and property due to the lack of technical knowledge.

The Electricity Law

    The electricity law was enacted in the year 1984 to replace the Electricity Rules 1937. The Law was amended by the State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No.3/90 in the year 1990. On 27th October 2014, this Law was amended by the Electricity Law (2014)(Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No.44 /2014).
    The Electricity Law primarily aims to supervise electric power generation, transmission; distribution and utilization for the general safety of public. Inspection and approval off all under stated electrification is made in accordance with the Electricity Law expect for defense and special purposes:

(1) high and low voltage power utilization;
(2) public buildings, housing estates & industrial complexes; 
(3)  elevators, escalators & electric transportation;
(4)  imported and local electrical products; Electrical inspection also includes competency certification for electricians and electrical  engineers. 

  The Electrical Inspection Department open basic electrical training courses and special upgrade electrical training courses to foster skillful electrical workers as well as electrical technicians for human resources development.

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Law

    The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Law was enacted on 9th April 2015 by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw No.23,2015. The objectives of this law are as follows:

(a) To enable to accept the information related to business, technical assistance and financial aids for the small and medium enterprises
(b) To reach local and international markets and enhance the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises
(c) To have new employment opportunities and increase income of the people through the development of the small and medium enterprises
(d) To reduce the difficulties and obstacles in business operations of small and medium enterprises

The Ministry of Industry was the focal ministry of the SMEs Development according to the Union Government’s notification no 19/2016 announced on 19th January 2016.


Industrial Supervision and Registration Sector       

Industrial Development Sector                                  

Industrial Inspection Sector                                       

Boiler Inspection Sector                                             

Electrical Inspection Sector                                       

SME Development Sector 

(a) Policy and International Affairs Department      

(b) Technology and Market Promotion Department 

(c) Investment & Cooperation Department                


Reference for Contact Director General Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection, Building No. 37, Zay Ya Htarni Road, Oattra Thiri Township, Naypyitaw. Tel: +95 067 408291

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