Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise

Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise (MPIE)
Historical Background 
      The Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise (MPIE) is one of the State – Owned Enterprises under the Ministry of Industry. MPIE has been producing over (200) items of pharmaceuticals. Under MPIE, there are also foodstuff and household goods factories which are operating as JV and Lease system by cooperating with the private.
     The Pharmaceutical Corporation and the Foodstuff Corporation had been established since 1972. After 1989, they had been reformed as the Myanma Pharmaceutical  Industries and the Foodstuff Industries. 
The Myanma Pharmaceutical Industries and the Myanma Foodstuff Industries  have been combined as the Myanma Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industries on 1st August 2018, and then it was renamed as the Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industries on 4th  April 2012. After that, the Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise (MPIE) becomes to perform the pharmaceutical production.  
(a) To produce essential drugs for Public health care.
(b) To develop local pharmaceutical production technology.
(c ) To promote local pharmaceutical production sector.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
On going Plant
(1) Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein)
(a) ORS Production (10 million/year)
(b) Spur Capsule Production (3’s Blister Card 0.25 million/year)
(2) Pharmaceutical Factory (Inyaung)
(a) Povidine Antiseptic Solution
(15ml bot 1,000,000/year and 500ml bot 100,000/year)
Future Plant
(1) Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein)
(a) Tablet & Capsule Plant (Old) ( Tablet & Capsule 600 million/year)
(b) Infusion Plant (Old) ( Bot 2 million/year)
(c ) Plastic Bottle Plant
(d) Pway Taung Plantation (Pyin Oo Lwin)
(e ) Pwe Kauk Plantation (Pyin Oo Lwin)
(2) Horse & Sheep Breeding Farm (Heho)
(a) Office area & Plantation No (2)

Product Photo

Production Photo



Office No. 37, Zeya Htani Road, Nay Pyi Taw Phone: 067- 408140, 067- 408142, 067-408380 Fax: 067- 408195, 067- 408392

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